Work, family, home and faith


I'm a passionate doctor...a heartfelt mother...a Jesus loving soul mama. I wanted to put down some notes so that when my children grow up they can look back and have memories to ponder over. I've been fortunate to live in 4 continents, but Canada is where I call home. I'm currently living in Europe. 

I love Oprah and most medical dramas (cliche I know!). Also love acoustic music, the piano, the ocean, getting lost in a good book, composing the perfect  photo, wandering around museums, a great cup of coffee (and cake) and spending time with my family. I am happiest with a good cup of coffee, classical music in the background, discovering a story in a book. I do enjoy giving back to my patients and love the feeling of making someone's day just a little bit better. 

Family consists of my wonderful children  who I adore and am so blessed to spend my life with. I also have a loving extended family. I would't be here without them. 

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